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Increasing FAFSA

Millions of dollars each year are not utilized because students don't believe they can afford college and don't fill out the FAFSA. We believe by encouraging students to fill out the FAFSA, their likelihood of attending college will be much higher.

Advocating Education

Education is an important key to workforce success in a community. REACH Manatee believes in advocating on behalf of our guidance counselors and college/career advisors so they can focus on their number one priority, students.

Focused on Working Adults

There are many opportunities to increase degree and certification attainment but one way is working with adults through a two-gen approach to help them see the greater opportunity of success if they finish their education.



We believe if we're going to accomplish challenging goals, it begins with core values our entire group embraces and lives by. Here is our approach to success. 

  • Our plans and actions are driven by a commitment to serve our community and those individuals in need of our support.

  • Attainment of post-secondary education credentials benefits the entire community.

  • Integrity of purpose drives collaboration and transparency.

  • Creativity leveraging strengths and abilities of diverse enhances the benefits for students.

  • Strategic thinking and commitment to results honors our partners' resources and community goals.

  • Data drives our ability to evolve, respond, and adapt, and we are dedicated to embracing a continuous improvement mindset.

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Metric One

Pell Grant funding

Metric Four

Seniors’ self-reported plans

Metric Seven

High school graduation rates

Metric Two

ALICE + Poverty rate of Manatee County (currently 43%)

Metric Five

Working adult enrollment in post-secondary

Metric Eight

Immediate post-secondary enrollment, attainment, and persistence of Manatee County high school graduates divided by age, race, ethnicity, and gender

Metric Three

FAFSA completion in Manatee County

Metric Six

Hispanic enrollment in local institutions

Collect Data

We utilize data to help drive our goals and results.

Analyze Need

We use data to analyze the need and adjust our goals accordingly.

Get to Work

It's not enough to talk about the issue, we work on the issue. Join our wor

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